Maintube mitering

The Sputnik Tool main tube mitering fixture is designed for rigidity, repeatability and speed. All steel construction reduces vibration while fitted blocks firmly clamp tubes in place without crimping them or allowing them to slip, a common occurrence with  vee blocks.

The tubes miter lengths are calculated using an excel-based program that outputs all the info needed to set up the mitering fixture. With this info, you can cut all your tubes to the right length and angle every time on the first try. No longer do you need to scribe a line, make a cut, check and reset, then make another cut. Since the center line of the tube is over the center line of an  8″ rotary table, the miter length is not affected by the table angle.  This allows you to independently adjust the miter length and the miter angle.  A sliding carriage on the main beam is used to set the miter length while holding a dummy bb and dummy head tube, guaranteeing that all your miters are in phase with one another.

A custom block is also available to handle shaped tubes and quickly attaches to the fixture.


Rotary table not included