Chainstay mitering

Like the maintube mitering fixture, both the seatstay and chainstay mitering fixtures are all steel construction with custom blocks machined to fit your tubes ensuring a rigid setup while not crushing or deforming them.  Both fixtures come with one set of tube blocks and dropout blocks.  Additional blocks are available for $100.00 a pair.

Chainstay Mitering Fixture
The chainstay mitering fixture can either be mounted on the maintube mitering setup, and angle plate or clamped in a vise. On this jig, the tube blocks are allowed to float and the stay location is dictated by a set of 4 interchangeble blocks that can be set by the builder using the built in rule to mimic the width and location of the tire, allowing you to dictate the amount of tire clearance. This also guarantees your tire will sit in the center of the stays regardless of variations in stay shape, bend or indent made for tire clearance. A built-in scale allows you to set the jig to the desired chainstay length and cut with confidence knowing the length is correct the first time. Fitted tube blocks and dropout blocks ensure a rigid grip on the stays while mitering. The blocks are also interchangeable with the seatstay jig.