Braze-on Clamps

These braze-on clamps have been my most popular tool for a long time.  After years of using bent spokes and other various tricks that sort of worked, I decided to fix the problem.  Simple, fairly inexpensive clamps that work all the time, every time, without having to worry about them or constantly fix them.  Available as a set or individually.

Braze-on clamp set

The set includes three single clamps and one double clamp. By far my most popular tool.


Single clamps

Designed to work with variety of different size and shape tubes.  The clamp’s vee block base automatically lines up with the axis of the tube and quickly allows you to place your braze-on in the proper location while allowing ample room to get your torch in close. Available with numerous different beams to hold cable guides, shifter bosses, pump pegs, pump lumps, and hydraulic line cable guides.


Double clamp

This tool quickly and properly lines up your top tube cable guides perfectly every time. Similar in design to the single clamps, the double clamp will also work with variety of different beams.


Extra beams

Vee block beams are available in pairs to hold your downtube shifter guides.

$50.00 pair