2012 SO FAR

Its been a busy year.  I feel like I have spent most of the year trying to keep up with my orders.  The CNC machine has been a blessing and a curse although I am now really starting to feel comfortable with it.  I have had to change a lot of the ways I do things but it has also allowed me to redesign many of the tools.  The seat and chain stay jigs are the latest two tools to get updated.  Both of these tools now feature a more adjustable drop out beam that slide on oil impregnated bronze bushings over a ground stainless steel beam.  The chainstay jig also features a new independent slide with 4 interchangeable spacers to allow the builder to set the chainstay width at the widest point on the tire.  Both jig bases are still built using all steel construction, to ensure a rigid and reliable tool that will not be damaged by chips, and fitted steel tube blocks that hold the stays firmly in place allowing for greater feed rates and a more accurate finished product.  The seat stay jig has been traveling around the country for a couple of years now with great success and I am now offering the same deal with the chainstay jig.  The seat and chainstay jig are available for any builder to try out for ten days free of charge.  Both jigs come complete with a wide array of tube blocks and dummy dropouts to meet the needs of most if not all builders.  The only  thing I ask is that you pay the cost to ship the tool to the next builder trying it out.  Please contact me if you would like to get in line to try out either one of these tools.  I will be adding new photos to the web site soon but until then you can check out the new tools on the Sputnik Tool Facebook page.