December 2015

I am currently updating the website. Many of the pictures and text need to be changed so please bare with me as this is not my favorite thing to do. I’d much rather be in the shop making your tools. For the time being go to the Sputnik Tool Facebook page for the most current photos and information on new or updated tools.

For 2016 I’m working on a new Fork Jig, H-Tools for 12mm axle bikes with  spacing up to 200mm, and a few other surprises. The Main Tube Mitering Jig is also being redesigned to more easily accommodate curved and bent tubes.  I’m also building up inventory on frame jigs so they will be more quickly be able to ship.  The demo seat stay and chain stay jigs are available to any builder for a 2 week trial period free of charge.  Try them out and see why they are the go to jig for builders tired of dented tubes, crooked miters, and crashed set-ups.  You are only responsible for shipping costs.  Contact me for more info.

Jeff and Michele